Natural Pebble Shower Floors

Pebble tile is an organic solution to flooring tile that is carbon neutral, beautiful, and friendly to the environment. These are some of the many reasons that people are installing pebble tile flooring in bathrooms, showers, fireplaces, and many more places. Whether you decide your interest is in natural pebble shower floors, bathroom floors, pool covering, or the like you will be happy to know that you are buying a flooring product that is not only beautiful but also completely organic. These gorgeous tiles are made from pebbles scooped from beaches. They have been tumbled smooth by nature itself.


Once the pebbles are collected they are mounted to a mesh backing and come to you ready to be mounted and installed as flooring. Natural pebble shower floors, bathroom floors, kitchen floors and the like are water resistant (they have been in water their whole life) and durable (What can hurt rock? Not much, and certainly not you walking on it). These qualities are perfect for a flooring tile. Natural pebble shower floors, bathroom floors, and all pebble flooring throughout a home will give an update and beauty to a space that can’t be duplicated. Only the highest quality pebbles are used for our pebble tile so you are sure of getting the longest lasting, beautiful product on the market. Many people are beginning to take our natural pebble tile flooring outdoors as well. You can install it in water features, on paths or walkways, in pools and spas as well. We have even seen natural pebble shower floors installed in outdoor showers in homes or on beaches where they have outdoor showers. Whether you choose to install it indoor or outdoor, in a pool or as natural pebble shower floors, you will be happy with the result.

Please let us know if you have questions about your natural pebble shower floors, or other installation project. We would love to help answer questions in any way.


Polished White Pebble Tiles

Our polished pebble tile line is a gorgeous option we present to the consumer who loves the polished finish to stone rather than a matte, natural finish. When you look at our polished pebble tile you will see a shining finish that does not come from a glaze. This finish gives the stone a beautiful ‘gemstone’ like quality. We carry polished white pebble tiles, as well as polished mixed river, polished tiger’s eye, black, amber, and red. This gives the customer many options to choose from. When choosing, a customer should consider a few things. The first is color. Many people opt for a neutral color that will go with any decor as the styles change such as polished white pebble tiles or polished black pebble tiles. Although these are going to be the most versatile, the other polished colors are going to go well in almost any space as well since they are made from natural stone and nature goes with anything.

Polished white pebble tiles, black, red, amber, or the like give an updated look to a space and provide a finished look that comes from polishing and not from a glaze. These tiles look more expensive and provide a luxuriousness to a home or space that can’t be matched. If you want an all natural product for your tiling project that also looks rich and opulent then go for the polished pebble tiles. Whether you choose polished white pebble tiles, polished tiger’s eye, or polished red, you won’t be disappointed with the results. If you have any questions about our polished pebble tiles please let us know. We love all our tile from our polished white pebble tiles to our polished red so we would love to help you get as many samples as possible in order to get the most comprehensive look of our tiles as possible. We want to help you make the best decision for your tiling project so you are happy with the results so please let us know how we can help.


Black Pebble Backsplash

Pebble tile can be used in so many different capacities. Pebble tile has been used for bathrooms, pools, showers, and as flooring tile a lot. There are some interesting projects we have seen that are very creative that we would like to feature. We are going to feature one today that is one of our favorites however, we would love to feature more from our customers. We love creative uses for pebble tile so if you have one you would like showcased or displayed on our site please send us the images to

One interesting use for pebble tile that we have seen and love is using pebble tile as a black pebble backsplash in a kitchen. This is a creative and perfect use for pebble tile because pebble tile can take a lot of abuse. Using a black pebble backsplash in a kitchen is a gorgeous representation of one of the many creative uses of pebble tile and designers who are thinking outside the box. A black pebble backsplash will hold up well to the heat, water, smoke, oils and moisture that comes along with cooking. The pebbles won’t wear down with all that abuse and pebble tile is easy to keep clean. A black pebble backsplash gives a kitchen a beautiful design element that draws interest, texture, and beauty but is also practical and durable. What a great use for our pebble tile!

We want to feature images and write about your creative design or just plain gorgeous use for our tile. If you have an image of a beautiful, creative project like a black pebble backsplash please send them to us! We will write about and feature them on our blog or other social media sites such as facebook, houzz, and instagram. We love our customers and want to see their finished projects so send us your inspired image today!


River Pebble Wall Tiles

Standing pebble tile has so many uses but by far the most popular is as wall tile. Using river pebble wall tiles for a bathroom, shower, or accent wall can add texture and a natural beauty to any space. Stacked pebble tile offers an organic touch that many designers are using these days to update homes, or outdoor and professional spaces. If you are looking for river pebble wall tiles for your project you have come to the right place. We have a great selection of the highest quality stacked pebble tiles. Our standing pebble tiles are made from pebble that are scooped up straight from nature and cut in half. They are then mounted to a mesh backing and stacked up in a beautiful pattern that gives your tile project a unique beauty.

There are several options for stacked pebble tile. The first is the obvious, pebble tiles that are cut in half and stacked. These river pebble wall tiles are round and smooth and give a great design element to water features, showers, retaining walls and more. We have several colors to choose from in this tile that will match any decor and color scheme. Here is a picture of this type of standing pebble tile: