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Mother of Pearl Shell Tile Installation Instructions

These tiles can be installed similar to glass subway tiles.


Determine the layout of how you want your tiles on the surface you are going to install them on. Dry fit your tiles on the wall in the desired pattern using a pencil or dry erase marker to mark location and where to cut tiles to fit.

Cutting Tile to Fit

Cuts may not be necessary during installation but if a straight line is desired, the shell chips can easily be cut with a glass tile cutter or nippers. The mesh back easily cut with a utility knife or box cutter.

Application of Adhesive/Setting Tiles

Before applying your adhesive to the wall make sure that the surface is clean and flat. When putting adhesive on your surface make sure only to cover an area that you can set within 15 minutes. Using the trowel scoop out some adhesive and with the straight edge apply it evenly to your surface. We recommend a 3/16” trowel. Once the adhesive is applied to one section of your surface, switch over to the notched side and comb the adhesive keeping your trowel at 45 degrees to make sure the top of the adhesive has a consistent height. Set the tile in place gently tapping it in with a grout float to ensure 100% adhesive coverage. After you place a tile be sure to insert your spacers to ensure uniformity. Clean excess adhesive before it dries on the tiles with a damp cloth or sponge.


After your tiles have had time to set which should be determined by the consulting your adhesive packaging, you are ready to grout. Remove your tile spacers and mix your un-sanded grout according to its instructions. Using your float apply the grout at a 45 degree angle making sure that you press it down into the spaces between

your tiles. A damp sponge can be used to clean off any grout that was spread onto the top of the tiles. After the grout has dried hard you can buff any of the haze that was left on the tile surface with a soft cloth until completely clean. Mother of Pearl does not require sealant due to its water resistant properties, however to protect the grout from food debris and residue, calcium build-up, etc., you may want to consider using an Epoxy grout. This has a sealant premixed with the grout and will assist with easier clean-up. Mother of Pearl is a natural carbon form and will erode with acidic foods. Clean any spills or splatter immediately with a damp, nonabrasive cloth and a mild detergent.