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Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash

Tired of your dark bathroom? Use subway tile in your bathroom backsplash to brighten it up. This versatile product is one of the most popular bathroom products. From ceramic to glass, our subway tile has been used in bathrooms in many ways. Some popular ways to use subway tile in a bathroom are in the shower, on the walls, as a backsplash for counters, and even behind and around the toilet. There are a few popular types of Subway tile that are used in the bathroom backsplashes, glass and ceramic. While glass is more modern and reflects the colors around it, ceramic is more classic and generally cheaper as well. Both are great options for a bathroom.

The Glass Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash:

Glass Subway Tile Bathroom Sink Backsplash with Sage Green Glass Subway Tile

Our most popular Subway tile for bathrooms backsplashes is our glass Subway tile. It is a huge trend in bathrooms and looks amazing in almost any space. Our most popular colors for glass subway tile in bathrooms are white, smoke, and ocean. Glass subway tile is great for bathrooms because it reflects the light and surrounding colors so it will brighten up and modernize any bathroom space. A subway tile bathroom backsplash will brighten up your sink and bring a modern feel to any bathroom. Subway tile bathroom tiles can be used to cozy up a bathroom by using warmer colors like champagne or khaki. If you like an ocean effect use some of our blues in a bathroom such as cobalt, sky blue and glacier. Really any color of glass

subway tile will work in a bathroom depending on your taste and existing decor.

Ceramic subway tile was very popular in the 20’s and many people who restore homes love to use our ceramic tile to restore bathrooms in vintage fashion.. White or black is a good choice for this type of restoration. Even mixing those two colors will make a bathroom look vintage but updated as well. However you can also give your bathroom a modern feel with ceramic by simply modernizing the rest of the bathroom and including a ceramic subway tile bathroom backsplash. Ceramic tile is so versatile it can really be used in many bathroom spaces. Many use it for showers and walls. I have even seen it used to cover the entire bathroom in a smaller space. It is not as reflective as glass so you will really see the stark white pop when you put it in your shower or bathroom space, while glass will soften the lighting and reflect the surrounding colors. A ceramic subway tile backsplash is a very traditional use for a subway tile.