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Stainless Steel Isn’t Just For Your Kitchen Anymore

Trends in interior design and home decorating come and go, yet some looks are timeless. Many people want to remodel their home and have it be stylish and modern looking for years to come. Because remodeling and redecorating is expensive, it is best to choose a style or a trend that won’t become dated in a few years. If designs are too trendy, they may look outdated too soon resulting in another renovation, which means more money for the homeowner. One classic trend that is in right now is stainless steel, and it isn’t just for appliances anymore. When most people think of stainless steel, they call to mind images of refrigerators, stoves, and microwaves; however, stainless steel is now being used for other items as well both in and out of the kitchen. Stainless steel is a trend that will be in fashion for years to come.

Stainless Steel Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Stainless steel furniture is one trend that is on the horizon. Since stainless steelis no longer only for kitchen appliances, it has been used on a variety of different pieces of furniture. It is becoming common for people to buy dining room sets made of stainless steel. This creates a fluid look between the kitchen and the dining room. To keep things from looking too over-done, avoid using too much steel in one room. This works best if the dining room is an actual separate room from the kitchen. This will ensure that the rooms stand on their own design wise.

Luxury Stainless Kitchen Backsplash

In addition, more and more homeowners are re-doing their bathrooms instainless steel. This gives a sleek and modern look to the bathroom. If the kitchen is done in stainless steel as well, this provides a consistent flow throughout the house. A bathroom done in stainless steel is sure to become a focal point in the house. This is an easy way to add value to the home for potential buyers in the future. Items that can be stainless steel in a bathroom include, but are not limited to, toilets, sinks, cabinets, counters, showers, and accessories.

In addition to dining rooms and bathrooms, some home owners are choosing to incorporate stainless steel into their bedrooms. This may seem weird at first, but upon closer inspection, the choice makes sense. Stainless steel is a very versatile surface, which is what makes it suitable for a wide range of rooms in a home. In bedrooms, some people want a clean and modern look. Stainlesssteel, when paired with the right room decor, can create this masculine look. It is best to use stainless steel in combination with black bedding and dark accessories such as lamps and curtains.

This will add to the industrial modern look of the room. Items in a room that can be stainless steel are bed frames, dressers, night-stands, bookshelves, and tables.

Another room that can feature stainless steel in a trendy way is a game room. Many people convert basements or bonus rooms into game rooms. Game rooms are a great way to entertain friends and family. Most game rooms are large and have a pool table, air hockey, or Foosball table. Stainless steelfurniture looks great with all of these game options. Since most game rooms also have a tv, a stainless steel entertainment center is a great choice. Another option is to buy a bar made from stainless steel.

Since stainless steel is no longer only for kitchen appliances, it can be used in any room of house to create a modern and trendy atmosphere. It can be used in dining rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, or game rooms.

2 Responses to Stainless Steel Isn’t Just For Your Kitchen Anymore

1. Julie S says:

I used your metal backsplash tile in my newly remodeled master bath shower. The result turned out fantastic and everyone comments on the creative use of the stainless steel tile!

Thanks Subway Tile Outlet!

o Debra says:


We would love to see some pictures of your project if you get a chance!

We have had a few customers use metal tile in their showers and gotten nothing but positive comments on it!

Glad it turned out so well.


Debra S.