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The Multiple uses for White Glass Subway Tile

White glass subway tile has so many uses in today’s home. It doesn't stop in the home either. Many professional environments including kitchens, lobby’s of offices, and hospitals also sport this pretty white glass subway tile. Whatever your need for wall tile, our most versatile product would have to be white glass subway tile. Many people think of white subway tile in older homes built in the 20’s and 30’s. This was pretty standard for this time period to use white subway tile and even the 40’s and 50’s. While it can certainly be used in this way white glass subway tile can also be so much more.

Today white glass subway tile has taken a modern turn; used in everything from kitchen backsplashes to bathroom walls and showers, white glass subway tile looks beautiful in almost any setting in any home or professional space. It tends to brighten up a space as it reflects light. It also acts as a bit of a chameleon reflecting the colors that surround it. This makes it very popular because if you change your wall color, the tile does not need to be changed. It will look amazing with any wall color and melt into the background perfectly for any environment. You can even mix this with other tiles like stainless steel or other colors.

You just can’t go wrong with white glass subway tile. Its uses are boundless and can give a cozy or modern feel to any room. White glass subway tile is by far one of our customers’ favorite tiles because of how versatile it is. Whether updating your bathroom or remodeling a period kitchen, you can use white glass subway tile in almost any environment to give your space a pretty feel.