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The Mesh Mounted Subway Tile Advantage

Installing Subway tile on mesh is the easiest way to go:

If you are starting a project using subway tile you may wonder if you should buy it with mesh backing or without it. All our glass 1×2, 1×4, 3×6 glass subway tile comes mounted on a mesh backing. Subway tile on mesh backing makes installation so much easier than simply installing single subway tiles.

Sage Green Glass Subway Tile

The most important thing to know with installing subway tile is that if you are installing single tiles you need to use spacers for every tile when mounting them on the wall. However when you use subway tile on mesh you only have to use spacers on the edges of the 12 square inch pieces that are shipped to you. So simply put, you space between sections not individual tiles. Not only does this save time by not having to space every individual tile but money as well since you will use less spacers. Other than that installing subway tile on mesh is the same process as installing subway tile without the mesh. Most professional tile installers who call to ask about our products will ask if our subway tile is on mesh. This is because subway tile on mesh is by far the preferred method of installation. Not only is it easier for spacing but because there is no room for spacing errors since the mesh has it spaced out for you already. This eliminates costly re do’s of poorly installed tile and makes sure that you get that clean look you want when installing subway tile.

There are always those who prefer installation the other way though. Subway tile on mesh should not deter anyone who wants to install this way. Simply pull the tile off the mesh backing to install this way. It takes no time at all and gives you the freedom to cut individual pieces if needed. All in all, subway tile on mesh is the way to go when buying tile. You have the freedom to do what you please and the ease of not have to space every individual tile unless you want to. For more information on installing subway tile visit this link: how to install subway tile