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How to Find the Best Backsplash Tile

When searching for a tile for your kitchen backsplash there are several important things you should take into account. First and foremost you need a color that matches your space, or that will match your newly remodel space. Second you want sure you get the highest quality tile that you can that will last. Lastly you want to make sure the tile will fit into your budget.

If you in the phase of your project where you don’t know what colors you want to use or the style that you are going for, I would suggest that you head over to a tile gallery page such as that one, or use Google images to get some inspiration of what others have done. Also it is a good idea to consult an interior designer during this phase or even any your friends who style you like. Once you have the color and style nailed down you’ll want to definitely order a sample of the time you are thinking of. This is a hugely important step because what you see on your monitor and the actual tile color can be very different, due to things such as monitor color calibration and lighting. Here at Subway Tile Outlet we will even refund the price of your sample if you like it and decided to use it on your project.

Now that you have your sample and you are happy with the color. You’ll want to inspect the tile for quality. What you are looking for are uniform straight edges and defect free materials used in their construction. Make sure you check their measurements as well to see if they are up to specifications. Some retailers of tile will sell real low end glass tiles that are only 4mm thick, you’ll want to avoid this and make sure your glass subway tiles are 8mm thick.

Finally comes budget. What you’re looking for here are things like free shipping and low price guarantees. Finding sites that offer these will save you lots of money and will guarantee that your project stays on budget!