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Glass Subway Tile vs. Ceramic Subway Tile

Although we carry both glass and ceramic subway tile we have to recommend glass for most applications.

While a bit more expensive than ceramic it has many noticeable benefits. Our glass tile comes in a wide array of colors instead of the black or white generally offered in ceramics. Our glass tile also comes on a mesh backing making for a much easier installation.

One of the biggest benefits of using glass tile is it will still give your space the classic “subway tile” look but with a more contemporary looking material. Our glass tile is extremely durable because it is manufactured 8mm thick and the color is fired onto the back of the crystal clear glass pieces. Firing the color to the back means that your thin-set or other mastic used to attach the tile to the surface will not show through.

The reflective properties of glass will also make your room look bigger, brighter and all around more open. Glass is all much more suitable for wet areas like bathrooms as glass tile is much more resistant to mold or mildew. Glass tile is impervious to water with a 0.00% absorbency rate while ceramic tile has an absorbency of 0.5% to 3.0%. Glass tile also sports a surface hardness of 6 on the MOHS scale with a PEI rating of Class IV abrasion resistance.

Another often overlooked benefit of glass tile is that it is the greener option of the two. The materials are fully recyclable and they only take roughly half the energy to make vs. ceramic!