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Different Sizes of Subway Tile: Mini Subway to Large Subway Tile & More!

Not only does Subway Tile come in a wide array of materials but there is also a large selection of different sizes available. The choice for one size over another could be due to personal visual preference, room size, type of project or even architectural requirement.

Standard, 3” x 6” Subway Tile

The “standard” size for glass and ceramic subway tile is 3” x 6”. This is the size that was used in the subways of New York during the 1950’s. Ceramic tile was used then but has since been eclipsed by the popularity of Glass due to the many benefits glass offers including a more contemporary look, zero water absorption and increased durability and longevity.

Standard subway tile is great for almost any size room and is typically used as kitchen backsplashes, wall accents, in showers and pretty much anywhere else glass or ceramic is used.

Mini Subway Tile

While technically anything smaller than 3” x 6” could be considered mini subway tile, the most common size is 1” x 2” subway tile. The smaller size opens up a wider range of material options including of course glass but also stainless steel as well.

Mini subway tile can be used in any of the same applications as standard or even large glass subway tile but is especially great for small areas as well as border or accent strips in backsplashes, showers and more. Mini subway tile is almost always sold in interlocking, mesh backed sheets for quick, easy installation.

Large Subway Tile

At Subway Tile Outlet you will also find we carry large glass subway tile in the 4” x 12” size. This size can again be used anywhere glass is normally used but is most commonly found installed in larger areas such as shower walls. Our large glass subway tile comes in individual 4” x 12” sheets, three of these sheets compose one sq. ft.